Dec 27

How To Disconnect Yourself – The Tech Rebellion

In this day and age, disconnecting yourself from technology and social media seems almost impossible. Over the holidays it is one of those things I work hard at. I refuse to be the typical dumbshit addict, that has their eyes glued to their phone while spending quality time with friends and family. Nothing worse than …

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Dec 20

Star Wars The Force Awakens – Failure Of An Empire

***Major plot spoilers ahead.  I could be a jerk and not warn you, but I’m not…so you’ve been warned.*** I actually had the privilege to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (henceforth just TFA) early.  When I say early, I mean like a couple days before the release.  I’m not going into details about how, …

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Dec 17

Helium Filled Hard Drives – Sh*t Just Got Real

BOOM!!! Mic drop! Western Digital’s HGST division just announced the release of a 10TB helium filled hard drive. Yes, you read right, helium filled. These helium filled drives are actually the first hermetically sealed drives to be released. Most “tech gurus” think all hard drives are sealed hermetically, but they are flat ass wrong. Now, …

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Dec 16

Google Self Driving Cars Hit Snag – Cry Me A F*cking River

So Google is boo-hooing the new regs that were issued for driverless cars.  Sorry Sergey…but not everything goes your way…no matter how much money you have. Still Requires Licensed Driver The big point of contention that Google has, is that the new regulations call for a licensed drive to be in the front seat at …

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Dec 15

5 Tech Gifts For The Nerd In Your Life

If you’re like me when it comes to Christmas shopping…well then you’ve probably already screwed off too much to get any decent gits delivered in time for Christmas. Well…that is unless you don’t want to spend a fortune on shipping…and really…who wants to do that??? It’s better just to be late and work on excuses …

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